To work on a product’s design, is to work its architecture and its own identity.

The industrial designer is to some extent a product architect. He optimizes the function, value, appearance and feasibility by placing the human element at the heart of the process.


At PRECICAD, innovation, technical knowledge, open-mindedness, curiosity, research and environmental awareness are key to the designer’s creative process. Its overall vision for the project acts as a bridge between all stakeholders involved in developing a product.


Excellent communication between the three disciplines in Précicad fosters the development of an optimal response to problem solving, a distinctive solution, technically viable and in line with the targeted economic goals.


  • Provide guidance in product definition, specifications and criteria
  • Trend research
  • Idea and concept development
  • Initial design development
  • Research and analysis to choose materials and manufacturing processes
  • Prototype testing
  • Cost analysis

  • 3D modeling
  • Prototyping and functional and technical validation
  • Imaging and visual support
  • Technical documentation
  • Technical drawing
  • Manufacturing support


+ SolidWorks
+ Rhino 3D
+ 3D VIA
+ DriveWorks
+ Illustrator
+ Photoshop
+ InDesign
+ SketchPro